Clean, Sanitised & Hygienic

At CitySide Hotel our cleaning and sanitising procedures are designed to be ‘best in class’ to create a hygienic environment for your protection and safety.

Our personnel follow a regimented cleaning programme to present our facilities to international standards of cleaning and hygiene. To clean each room we use a fresh set of colour-coded microfibre cloths to prevent any cross-contamination.

We clean all hard surfaces using HyperClean®, a powerful cleaner and sanitiser. HyperClean’s active ingredient – hydrogen peroxide – has been proven to be one of the most effective agents for killing pathogens.

HyperClean® is licensed by Environmental Choice, so it’s safe for people and for the environment.

HyperClean with Environmental Choice logo

High-Touch Surfaces

All high-touch surfaces throughout the hotel are sanitised with Anti-Viral Sanitiser, qualified for use against viruses and pathogens.

In each room we specifically sanitise:

  • Light switches and air conditioning controller
  • Door handles, fridge door
  • Taps, toilet buttons and shower rose
  • Desk and bedside tables
  • TV Remote and telephone
  • Coffee pod machine and kettle
  • Iron and hairdryer

Our aim is to create the cleanest hotel or motel accomodation in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui.

Anit Viral Sanitiser